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Digital Jungle workspace Terms and conditions

**1. Scope and Application**

1.1 These terms and conditions ("Terms") exclusively apply to entrepreneurs and legal entities, including public law entities, according to the laws of your jurisdiction. Any terms and conditions of the Client that conflict with or deviate from these Terms shall only be considered if expressly agreed upon in writing by Digital Jungle Workspace ("Company").

1.2 These Terms extend to all future transactions with the Client of a similar nature.

1.3 Individual agreements, including supplementary terms, will supersede these Terms. The content of such agreements is documented in writing by the Company.

1.4 These Terms, along with the contractual relationship, are governed by the laws of your jurisdiction, excluding any international sale of goods conventions.

**2. Individual Agreements and Contract Conclusion**

2.1 Each service or product provided by the Company under this Agreement will be described and agreed upon in a separate written contract ("Individual Agreement").

2.2 Services offered by the Company are presented on its website. Such presentation does not constitute a legally binding offer.

2.3 The Individual Agreement comes into effect through offer and acceptance between the parties and is documented in written form.

**3. Services and Fees**

3.1 The Company offers diverse services and service packages as displayed on its website. Services and packages are based on contents and prices applicable at the contract's conclusion, documented in the Individual Agreement. Specifics of the Individual Agreement might diverge from individually negotiated services.

3.2 Remuneration is determined based on the conditions specified for the services and packages.

3.3 The Company reserves the right to modify services, packages, and fees for subsequent Individual Agreements. Changes to already booked services provide the Client with special termination rights.

**4. Services in Various Areas**

For services in recruiting, design, tech, and marketing, the Client engages the Company for suitable candidates, advisory services, and service/product agreements.

**5. Services in Employee Leasing**

5.1 Employee leasing services involve the Client commissioning the Company for candidate employment and leasing. The Client provides an advance payment. Specifics are outlined in the terms of the offer.

5.2 The Client can provide instructions within the defined activity scope. Employee deployment is confined to the agreed activity and the Client's business.

5.3 The Company's obligation is tied to the designated employee. Impediments resulting in the employee's release from work release the Company from its obligations.

5.4 Employees must adhere to the Client's work regulations and confidentiality requirements.

**6. Confidentiality**

6.1 The Client agrees to treat all information concerning candidates and employees confidentially. This information must not be disclosed to third parties.

6.2 If a contractual relationship arises between the Client and a candidate or employee introduced by the Company, the Client owes additional compensation to the Company.

**7. Payments**

7.1 Payments for services or packages are based on invoices issued by the Company and are due within 5 business days.

7.2 All payments are to be made in the agreed currency.

7.3 Electronic payments are accepted.

7.4 Bank charges applicable to the payment are borne by the paying party.

7.5 Prices are net, and applicable taxes are added.

**8. Terms**

Employee leasing services are established for an indefinite duration.

**9. Confidentiality and Reference**

9.1 The Company ensures confidentiality for all received information.

9.2 The Client's agreement to be a reference can be revoked at any time.

**10. Warranty**

10.1 Warranty for employee selection is limited to intentional or grossly negligent breach of duties.

10.2 Liability for employee actions is excluded.

**11. Liability**

11.1 The Company's liability adheres to applicable laws.

11.2 Limitation of liability applies to intent and gross negligence.

**12. Miscellaneous**

12.1 Subsidiary agreements require written confirmation.

12.2 Invalid provisions will not impact the remaining Terms.

12.3 Disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the Georgian Law

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